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Services we perform

Nondestructive testing (NDT)

  • Digital radriography
  • Radiographic testing using Scintigraphy
  • Radiographic testing using X-ray
  • Ultrasonic testing, Phased Array and TOFD ultrasonics
  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • Magnetic testing
  • Visual inspection, endoscopy
  • Penetrant testing
  • Hardness measurement
  • Ferrite measurement
  • Metallography and replica testing
  • Paint inspection (Adherence, thicknesses and rugosity)

Industrial inspection

  • Inspection of manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of equipment
  • Review of manufacturing procedures and Inspection Test Plans (ITP)
  • Activation of different equipment manufacturing

Welding procedures and welders certifications

  • Welding procedures and welders qualifications in different standards (ASME, EN, AWS, etc.)
  • Certificates signed by International Welding Engineer (IWE)

Destructive testing

  • Collaboration with laboratories accredited by ENAC for various destructive tests

Robotic inspection

  • Studies of inspection problems using robotic methods for the industry (Drones, land and water robots)
  • For inspection of tanks, pipes, ducts, etc.

Health and safety services

  • Implementation of specific safety plans
  • Safety coordination and safety technicians in the field


  • Performance of quality plans and procedures in various industries and standards.


  • Welding technical assistance
  • We carry out studies for welding procedures according to the needs of each client